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Ease's 2020 SMB Benefits & Employee Insights Report

The national data, trends, and observations shaping the health insurance industry.

Understand what benefits are most popular with SMBs and their employees.
Design tailored benefits offerings for your groups.
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Most brokers struggle to access the necessary data to keep up with changes in the industry and design well-rounded, preferred benefits packages for current groups and prospects.

With 1,500 agencies using Ease, we’ve been able to analyze the data from 70,000 employers and 2+ million employees to give you the insights about healthcare premiums & contributions, preferred medical plans, voluntary benefits, and SMB growth. Access the necessary knowledge to take your benefits offering to the next level and win more business in 2020.

1,500 agencies
70,000 employers
2+ million employees

Discover the Insights

Individual and family medical premiums have been on the rise since 2017 and more brokers have been crafting multi-plan packages that keep costs down but expand coverage.
The number of employees enrolled in PPO and HDHP plans increased from 2017 to 2019. The workforce is transforming and the number of millennials and Gen Zers is rising. 
The number of worksite/voluntary benefit plans offered per employee has increased since 2017. Businesses are offering more voluntary benefits than before to offset some of the costs of healthcare. 
There was employee growth in every single region of the country. Businesses in the South and the West grew about 50% and businesses in the Northeast and Midwest grew 39% and 29% respectively. 

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Understanding benefits and associated costs are key to supporting your clients. As healthcare costs continue to rise and SMBs continue to grow, finding benefits and price points that can truly satisfy your clients will be difficult. With Ease as a resource, difficult will never become impossible, but instead manageable. 

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